How to remove scratches from the car and leave it like new

A bad parking lot, a child’s game, a tree branch or an oversight, there are several reasons that can cause damage to the paint of our vehicle. This is a superficial problem, and while it has no safety implications, it can greatly degrade your appearance. To avoid this, we will tell you how to remove scratches from the car step by step.

Repairing car paint is not difficult and is much cheaper than taking it to the body shop. All it takes is some patience, creativity, and some basic tools.

How to remove scratches from the car

There are different types of scratches or scratches and there are solutions tailored to each one. Some are lighter and easier to disguise, and others require a bit more work.

To determine if it is a superficial problem or something deeper, simply run your nail over the scratch. If it doesn’t lock, it is a minor problem; If it sticks, you will probably need a kit or product to repair it by using best car polisher for beginners.

How to remove a simple scratch step by step

If it is a “touch”, it is likely that with a good wash and a little toothpaste we can solve it. We tell you how to do it step by step:

Washing: first of all, we must leave the area with scratches clean and dry so as not to worsen the problem by rubbing residue on the paint. We can do it ourselves or take the car to the workshop.

Toothpaste: we place a quarter of toothpaste on a damp microfiber cloth. Then, we apply the product on the rayon.

Polishing: we distribute the toothpaste in the damaged area with a circular motion. We make minimal pressure with the cloth and move it in small circles to polish. We do it until the toothpaste is evenly distributed on the surface.

Rinse: we remove any excess toothpaste and rinse the area well. We dry with a microfiber towel so as not to generate problems.
Repeat: If it didn’t work the first time, we can repeat the process up to two more times to remove the scratches.

If this technique doesn’t work, there are other slightly more sophisticated methods and elements.

How to remove scratches with a kit

A good alternative to removing scratches on veneer is to get a scratch removal kit. They are fairly easy to find and usually contain a pen that fills the scratch with a quick-drying resin, a liquid compound that clarifies the paint and covers the scratch, and a polish stick to make the repair look almost new. We tell you how to use them step by step.

Washing – The first step in any scratch repair process is washing. It is very important because any trace of dirt can result in more scratches.
Kit: we apply a drop of product the size of a coin on the pad that comes in the kit we buy. We distribute the product evenly on the cloth before starting.

Application: we pass the product in the damaged area with circular movements. It is essential not to change direction when applying the product. We exert minimal pressure and distribute the pasta evenly.
Cleaning: after polishing, we remove the excess product and do not allow the excess to dry on the surface of the vehicle.

If it doesn’t work, you can repeat the process a few times to get it done. If we still cannot remove the scratches, we will have to take more complex measures and polish the surface of our car.

How to polish a car to remove scratches

Polishing the car means removing the exterior varnish layer from the body. It is somewhat more complex than the previous options, since it requires removing the deteriorated layer to leave the interior surface, which is in better condition, to come to light. All the details to do it in the best way.

Washing: as in the previous cases, the first step is washing. It is best to do it with a special soap for cars to avoid further deteriorating the sheet.
Location: The next thing to consider is choosing a practical location for polishing. It should be a wide space but with shade so as not to leave marks on the paint. It is not advisable to do it under a tree, as they can detach elements that damage the body.

Car polisher: to carry out this procedure it is essential to have a polishing machine. There are different models according to the user’s levels of expertise. For example, the high speed machine is the one that gives the best results but requires more experience. On the contrary, the round plate polisher is easy to use and an excellent result can be obtained without having any specific knowledge.

Product: in addition to the polisher we need waxes or products to give the car shine. The level of aggressiveness of the wax depends on the type of paint, the time and the depth of the scratches.

Polishing procedure: we begin the polishing process by applying a layer of product or wax on the car. With the help of the machine, we distribute the product by making small circular movements repeatedly until we get a shine. Ideally, work in small areas to prevent the wax or product from drying out.

Last option: Car paint

If we cannot remove the scratch with the mentioned methods, we can resort to automotive paint . It is the last option because it is more expensive and it takes a little more knowledge about car maintenance to get it right. A guide to do it.

Washing: as in any other case, the first step is to thoroughly wash the surface of the car.

Sandpaper: Next is to sand the scratched area to remove the top layers of paint with sandpaper wrapped around a pad or backing. The task should take about 15 minutes. Then, we rinse to remove the particulates resulting from the process.

Primer: we spray a coat of primer of the original color on the sanded areas that we want to paint. It is a base to consolidate and equalize the absorption of paint on all types of surfaces. We wait between 5 and 10 minutes until it dries and we spray more product.

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