How to set up a para-crash repair service

More and more people are buying their own vehicle, so there is more opportunity to profit from businesses that specialize in the repair of its parts. A para-crash repair service is ideal if you want to undertake in this sector, as it is one of the parts with the most tendency to be damaged by blows in car accidents.

As if that were not enough, how visible and necessary the para-shock is makes customers quickly look for a quality service to repair them , since they cannot travel without one. This, even though it is bad luck for customers, is beneficial for this business.

Is it profitable to set up a para-crash repair service?

Due to the number of accidents that occur on a daily basis and the need to fix these parts (they don’t always need to be replaced), it is a business in high demand.

In addition, the entrepreneur can set his schedule, so that it offers a lot of financial independence in that regard.

On the other hand, it is true that there is a lot of competition in this sector, but the demand is so great that there will always be customers, as long as a professional quality service is offered.

How to set up a para-crash repair service?

If you want to start a business of this type, then we will tell you how to get it. Take note!

1. Location

The site where you locate your business should be chosen strategically near shopping centers and / or where there is daily traffic of people and vehicles. This will help you avoid having to invest so much money in promoting the site.

However, get advice from the municipality of the area about all the necessary permits for the installation of your business in that location.

2. Structure

Mechanics shops need enough space to store the cars that are being repaired. This business is no exception, although you can repair the parts and then do the installation, there will be vehicles that because they are in such bad condition, it will be necessary to leave them on site while they are repaired.

A shed, in general, is the best option, but depending on the size of your business (the capacity of vehicles you can repair, the number of professionals working with you, etc.) you can set up a garage for these purposes.

With this, you can make the following divisions:

Parking for vehicles . It is the place where the vehicles wait for the procedure to be carried out and, after 
completion, wait for the customer to withdraw.

Repair Sector. It is the place where the recovery of the format and functionality of the para-shock is carried out.

Painting Sector . It is the place where the bumpers are painted after the repair service.

Administration . As for the bumper repair service, a small administrative area and a comfortable space for customer service are enough. There should be 
restrooms for customers and employees.

Stock . It requires a small area for the storage of supplies and work tools.

3. Teams

Among the necessary equipment you must include:

  • pliers,
  • drilling machine,
  • extractor,
  • compressor,
  • screwdrivers set,
  • thermal blower,
  • welding gun,
  • sanders, among others.

In addition, the administrative office must be equipped with tables, chairs, computer equipment and everything necessary to run the business.

4. Organization of the production process

A bumper repair company, in the execution of its services, 
is divided into:

Budget / Customer relationship:

In small companies, most of the time, this activity is carried out by the 
entrepreneur himself . This ability to make the budget is the great secret of a bumper repair shop, because if the prices are too high, the customer can seek the service in the competition, and if they are too low it can cause an operational loss in the vehicle. business.


To perform the bumper repair, it is necessary to remove the bumper. 
The disassembly process requires great care, since it is not convenient for 
the components to be exposed to dirt and ink so that they are not damaged.

Restoration of the bumper:

It is where the deformations suffered in each piece are 
identified and the damaged parts are removed using the thermal blower and welding through a welding 
machine or gun.

Painting :

The job is finished with as little plastic mass as possible to avoid 
making it obvious that the bumper has undergone repair. After this stage, 
the next step is the sanding operation. After sanding, the plastic sealant is applied. Finally, the areas not worked with the wallpaper are insulated and the painting is done. At this stage it is essential that the 
standard factory color of the car is observed .


After all restoring the bumper, all components will be reassembled.

However, a bumper repair company is not restricted only 
to recovery. It is necessary to pay attention to aspects such as: collections and payments – 
financial controls, general administration and business development.

5. Divulgation

Nowadays, businesses that do not appear on the Internet are as if they did not exist, so hire a website development expert to create one for your service . There you can expose everything you do, contact numbers and emails, frequently asked questions, quotes, among others.

A strategy for social networks will make more people know about your business, because people spend their time browsing them all day and are grateful that the businesses of their interest have profiles on the most used, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

However, don’t discount the physical advertising that is still quite useful. The printing and distribution of flyers, radio spots, posters, billboards, billboards, television commercials, etc., are of great help to publicize your business.

Specialized Team

There is a saying that says: “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian”, and it means that it doesn’t matter if we have the best structure, the best equipment and the most effective advertising; if a good job is not done, the business is sure to be a total failure.

So that this does not happen to you, make sure you become an expert in the field and / or work with professionals who are also . A fault in the reputation of your business will cause dissatisfied customers to speak badly of your service and that is the worst dirty campaign you can receive. Avoid it by offering good results and a 100% covered guarantee.

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