How to set up an ecological car wash

With more than 20 years in the market, dry car washing is a technique that has come to stay. Given the advantages of this business model , many entrepreneurs have ventured to start it. Again, the innovation and the trend eco-friendly continue in crescendo in business ideas . At the same time, consumers and demand for these types of services are increasing.

All entrepreneurship needs to be studied and analyzed in depth. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing how to start a car dry lifting business , take note of all these tips.

What is dry car washing?

Dry cleaning cars is an economical and environmentally friendly washing method . For this reason, it has been called ecological car wash . With this technique the least amount of water is used. Sometimes it is even done without using a drop of water.

Being a 100% ecological washing system, products that do not contain polluting agents such as detergents, aerosols or toxic products are used. Thus, the protection of the vehicle paint and the obtaining of shine is guaranteed. In addition, it contains added value, since it reduces the duration of the washing service.

Difference between dry cleaning and traditional washing

With the dry cleaning technique a minimum of water is used, between 500 ml and 4 liters of water to wash a vehicle. For its part, traditional washing consumes at least 300 liters of water to wash a single car.

On the other hand, in dry cleaning basic products for cleaning vehicles are used. These usually have wax in their composition, that is why when applied to the vehicle they wrap the dirt and lubricate the particles. In addition, these products do not contain pollutantsso they usually take care of the car’s paint . Shampoos and products used in traditional car washes can damage paint.

This type of wash is ideal for urban vehicles, but not for those cars dirty with mud and dirt. In very dirty vehicles it is necessary to use the traditional washing with hose and water.

Advantages of dry car washing

  • It offers a washing system that protects the paint of the vehicle.
  • Moisture hazards in the engine electrical system are eliminated.
  • Provide a faster service.
  • 100% respectful with the environment.
  • Business that can be set up with little investment.
  • It does not require previous experience in the sector.

How dry car washing works

There are different dry car wash techniques for each type of dirt. That is why it is essential to take a previous vehicle cleaning course. Thus, you will obtain the maximum possible knowledge. To find out how dry cleaning is done you can watch tutorials on YouTube.

We tell you, roughly, how dry car washing works :

  • Apply dry cleaning using spray products that encapsulate and lift dust particles.
  • Apply the drying manually with towels or microfiber flannels.
  • Vacuum the interior dust with an extractor machine.
  • Removes dust particles adhering to paint.
  • Apply the wax with a flannel or towel, let it dry and then remove it with another dry cloth.

How to start a dry car wash business

Here’s how to set up a car dry cleaning business step by step:

1. Business plan

The first thing before starting any venture is to write the business plan. Here you must define the service, its benefits, what is innovative. It will be very useful in this step to have the name of the brand and a logo.

2. Services

It is time to define the services you will provide . For example, dry cleaning the interior or exterior of the vehicle or rinsing the engine, etc. You can also establish if you will offer some type of home service.

3. Prices

Once the services that you will offer have been established, it is time to set the prices of each of them.

4. Location

Although this is a type of business that does not necessarily require a specific location, if you locate it in strategic places , the chances of getting more clients are higher. That is why you need to study the market and the main competitors in the area where you plan to establish the company. You can install the car wash near a shopping center, a mechanical workshop, automotive stores, near parking lots, etc.

5. Infrastructure

The size of the ideal space is another detail to take into account. It needs to be wide so that it allows the flow of vehicles and its correct organization . A place that has between 150 m² and 240 m² can work.

This space has to be covered because the vehicles must be in the shade for the cleaning service to take place. In addition, it is important that it be a dry and well ventilated place to carry out the services .

Here you must take into account the rental or purchase costs of the premises and the civil works for the conditioning of the site .

Remember that you must establish an office that also involves investment and equipment.

6. Equipment

Unlike a traditional quick wash, where it is necessary to invest in the purchase of various equipment, in the dry cleaning of cars, the equipment is few . However, setting up this business involves minimal investment in equipment and technology. The materials for dry cleaning can be found in auto accessories stores, hardware stores, etc.

Among the main equipment you will need to invest in are:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • polisher
  • sprinklers
  • products suitable for dry cleaning
  • microfiber dusters
  • brushes for use on wheels
  • wheel and glass cleaning products
  • other basic accessories

For the internal office it will also be necessary to buy some basic equipment and accessories. For example, tables, chairs, computer with printer, small closet, air conditioning or fan, telephone and other necessary items.

7. Permits, licenses and registrations

Process of legalization of your new business in accordance with the pertinent legal regulations and decrees .

8. Provision of service

The car dry cleaning service consists of a process that you have to establish . The first thing should be to check the vehicle after receiving it. Next, you must determine the order in which the car and the personnel who will carry out the activity will be washed. That is, you start with the roof or the hood, continue with the doors and windows, etc. Keep in mind that this process will vary depending on the services you offer.

9. Employees

You need to hire some employees , but all this will depend on the amount of jobs and services you offer . In principle, you will need a washer, a cashier, and someone from customer service. On average, 2 or 3 employees will be enough.

You must provide training to your workers so that they provide the best possible service .

10. Advertising strategy

You must define the media in which you will do marketing and advertising. For example, on the company’s website, through brochures or flyers, on billboards , among others.

Is the car dry cleaning business profitable?

If you venture into this business, you can get very good results. One of the positive points of investing in a car wash of this type is that you can have your own establishment, attend from home or even offer the service at home.

We believe it is worth starting your own dry car wash business, whether it is a freelance car wash or through a franchise system.

Some entrepreneurs in the sector are achieving good income. The earnings of a small business fall within the range of USD 800 to USD 4800 per month . That with just one to three employees.

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