How to wax your car and make it shiny like the first day

Dirt, weather conditions or the simple passage of time are factors that accelerate the aging process of your vehicle . We spend many hours circulating so its maintenance should be proportional to its use, and that is something that not everyone takes into account.

While frequent cleaning and servicing is important, it is also important to know how to maintain the car’s natural shine and color, and to achieve that you need to wax it by using best dual action polisher for beginners. This process will keep the vehicle looking like new, prevent the paint from spoiling, and slow down its fouling.

From Car glass, a company specializing in the repair and replacement of car glass, they explain how to do it step by step and what materials to use to carry out this process in just one hour.

1. Carry out the process in a dry place

To successfully carry out any job it is necessary to do it calmly and, above all, meticulousness. In this way, we not only ensure that the results are brilliant but that they last much longer. Before you begin, be sure to find a dry, shady place where you can carry out the process without the sun or bad weather getting in the way of your work.

2. Materials you will need

Once we have the site, we must get a series of essential materials when waxing your car. These are: soap and water, a soft sponge, microfiber cloths, specific wax for paint and car polish.

3.How to wax

The first thing you should do is wash your vehicle thoroughly, otherwise the dirt will make the waxing process difficult. It is advisable to use warm water and a specific soap to rinse the vehicle. Then, with a soft sponge , that does not scratch the body, do a general cleaning, concentrating on those dirtiest parts.

Once it is well rinsed, with cold water remove all the soap and let the vehicle dry completely. It is important that there is no water or moisture, otherwise the final result of the waxing will not be optimal.

It is important that when drying it, there is no water or moisture left, otherwise the final result of the waxing will not be optimal

The next step is polishing . To do this, you will need a microfiber cloth smeared with a small amount of the polish. With this, you should evenly cover the entire bodywork using circular movements. Once done, you must wait for the paint to absorb the substance.

Next, with a dry microfiber cloth, you have to distribute the wax throughout the car. To do this, you must manage it in parts: first the hood, then the roof, the trunk, etc. In the same way that you have done with the polish, you must cover it with thin layers and with circular movements. To know that you are doing it correctly, you must pay attention to whether the paint is absorbing the wax as you apply it, in that case you are doing well.

Once you have finished, wait 10 minutes and take another dry microfiber cloth and wipe it over the bodywork so that the paint finishes absorbing the wax. To make a final check, you can wait a few minutes and then run your finger across the bodywork to see if it slides without any friction.

With these five steps your vehicle will look like the first day for a long period of time. This is because the protective layer of wax makes it harder for dirt to stick to your car’s paint.

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